Sea/Sky (Poem)

Sea/Sky (4.26.2020)
When lying in crib of grass
Clouds traveling orbital routes above
Those wisps swirl, round and down
Though so unhurried, no sound is heard. 

Winds churn to fizzy foam
Those vapid ivory beings 
Dissolving from cobalt sky  
Hoisting their sails in sea’s silent gale. 

There in ambrosial sea
Its sky shimmering as sapphire
Salt permeates its members
Floating beneath all sky’s downward fall. 

And as its winds return
There with its porous floating foam 
Sea spins waves out of absent gulf
To forge notion of Sky and Ocean.

Where Sea meets Sky
And Sky evacuates sight
I See the Sea.
There where waters within
Meet their source and end
Where Sky hangs its firmament 
In that crib of grass.

Photo by Romello Williams.

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