The Goldfinch (Short Story)

The Goldfincha short story5:42 A.M. – July 2nd, 1999 Moses Rochester wakes up with sleep crusted cross his eyes. It takes three tries for him to heave himself out of bed, releasing an audible “oomph!” each time. Once vertical, he lays his hands clumsily on his knees, resembling an antique ape. Sighing, he stares at the… Continue reading The Goldfinch (Short Story)

The Solomon Farm (Poem)

The scent of deet and fish bait (chicken liver and crickets)accompanied our outings, along with the dull aroma ofGeorgia pond water, which only ripples in the wind.I learned about tadpoles there, catching them in opaqueplastic cups and watching them swivel around endlessly.I didn’t believe in evolution, not even in the life ofa tadpole, never able… Continue reading The Solomon Farm (Poem)

Paul Tillich’s Love, Power, and Justice (1952): A Review & Analysis

Since (strangely enough) my previous review and analysis of Paul Tillich’s Theology of Culture garnered a considerable amount of views, I have decided to share my (briefer) review and analysis of Tillich’s work, Love, Power, and Justice. This work is particularly helpful for those not very familiar with Tillich because it gives readers a taste of the whole… Continue reading Paul Tillich’s Love, Power, and Justice (1952): A Review & Analysis

Hegel’s The Spirit of Christianity and its Fate (1798): A Summary & Guide

As many are aware, the German philosopher George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) is one of the most notoriously difficult philosophers to read or begin to understand in the history of Western thought. Yet even despite this nuisance, many still attempt to decipher his thought because of its encyclopedic scope and rousing luminosity. As someone who… Continue reading Hegel’s The Spirit of Christianity and its Fate (1798): A Summary & Guide

The Change of Nothing [Short Story]

*first appeared in Macrina Magazine.He sat amidst a swirl of voices, muffled and punctually interrupted by the sound of an espresso machine—“crrrshee!”—before returning to their homeostatic melody. He’d been there for some time, books splayed in various directions. The tallest stack rose just a few inches below his nose. Although it appeared unorganized, there was… Continue reading The Change of Nothing [Short Story]

Coffee Stained Minds (Essay/Reflection)

*first appeared in Ekstasis Magazine.I remember that desk, its walnut veneer. It was just large enough to settle one’s folded elbows onto. There were three small sections forming a shelf on its rear, slots where I would place rarities: received mail, programs from events, and notecards of scribbled quotes. When I sat down and focused… Continue reading Coffee Stained Minds (Essay/Reflection)