Spring Eternal (Poem)

Spring Eternal (Sonnet)
In plain of green there swayed by a wind’s gasp,
A kite in tree set chords stirring of Spring,
It floated mildly caught in cedar’s clasp,
Hope not cradled by a child’s fingered string.

Which eternal song by breath of wind’s voice,
Did key bright note on rays of sunlight,
Then ring golden chord as blonde bees rejoice,
In Summer’s patience and Spring’s sacred rite.

No fear of stiff cold nor faithless poses,
On proud eyes squinted at sun’s fair children,
At height of sapling or bed of roses,
They spring to liven that season’s pilgrim.

Though fear of seizure may hide a kite’s hope,
It still will flutter when warm winds elope.

Photo Credit: Marian Kroell

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