Death/Dust (Poem)

Death/Dust (4.10.2020)
Waking early in morrow, flattened ‘neath sordid sheets
Eyes crusted and heavy, waking under their irises
Misting down, I glimpsed a foggy bright
Seeing it eclipse, blind after blind
Shuttering rays, fastening washboard of light
A dooming haze—covering this sight.

Its warmth yoked of day anew
As heavy skin weighed this aged figure
And hoarse voice ‘eeked its chords
Nor did moist breath, break its fetter
As each moment came that feisty chore
That deep hunger for its presence, no more.

There floating ‘mongst flat rays, opaque scene
Buoyant bites churning chains of fallen dust
Swirling in beams of pewter waves.
Those pesky specks of human rind
To take its place in crevice and cave
Laying drab haven on all its knaves.

I noted its lack of absence, ubiquity
Dust hidden in smooth and jagged cleft
Telling no tales, only soulless affair
No matter how maidly I became
I noted its presence every-where
hidden in spaces, clasping my hair.

It is seen in morning rays of light
Our lives peeling from its fruit
Jacketing all, the dust waits
Until it is dusted anew.

*Photo Credit: Mika Baumeister

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