God’s Plum Embrace (Poem)

God’s Plum Embrace
*Presented in preparation for communion at Community Worship (Chapel) at Union Presbyterian Seminary on 1.29.2020.

On cold morning, he woke to wisping winds
Shielded only by barren branches
Littered with holes, & filled with coin
His threadbare coat scattered with patches.

These weighed on its wrinkled mortal
Rolling his crooked body upright
Peeling off creased cardboard
With no eyes to see the strange sight.

Cars shuttled about, just yards way
As his bony belly growled
Greeting his frost-bitten ears
Despite the vehicular howl.

Heaving erect, he laid hands on lips
Noting the Cold they carried
Wind had chapped them chalky white
As thought of next meal tarried.

But as misty air, became uncannily still
A welcome ring greeted our frigid friend
Piercing fog like sinking ships at sea
Church bells did slowly descend.

Knowing not source, he sought their rusty origin
Hiding belongings beneath barren bowel
He hastened toward music of ancient bells
Ignoring the wind’s howling scowl.

He noted none who ogled
As he voyaged toward high steeple
And upon speedy arrival
Entered despite absence of people.

Crossing threshold of broad doors
His salmon flushed cheeks glowed
At hope of savory and rich feast
A Grace waiting to be bestowed.

Collapsing into dusty pew
He smelled aromas of waxen flame
Observing choir practice primal chords
His heavy eyes with sleep overcame.

Unaware the service had run its course
With only holy meal refraining
Our warm friend suddenly woke
Hoping crumbs were remaining.

Rising from wooden bed
He saw that feast there
Smelling honey from broken bread
Liberating a stomach’s despair.

Awaiting him with youthful smile
A kind woman broke off vast portion
So large our friend feared extortion 
As gentle grin engulfed furrowed face
A sensual symphony birthed 
As he dipped into visceral grace
Painting it with color of plum
[Yet leaving not a single crumb!]
He tasted God’s holy embrace.

Photo Credit:
James Coleman

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