Hooded Hawks, Blinking Owls (A Poem)

*This poem was inspired by a poem of Percy Shelley’s in a letter to Maria Gisborne concerning the Engish Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Hooded Hawks, Blinking Owls (12.29.19)
Flustering flights naught savored
 Wasted, without satiation, nor flavor
 Damp lips whistling sanguine sounds
 Grammar cadencing unpunctually around
Words writhing round huffs of Air 
Straining, aching, towards Nowhere 
Hooded hawks raking writhing snakes
Blinking owls wordlessly opaque
Broad chests, feathered and stoic 
Fettered by bents unheroic 
Hazard not nigh, talons unmoved 
Heads revolving for Egos un-soothed 
Noble eyes, veiled, eager for Light
Shackled only to Creator’s Might
Peril proximate, throbbing to Fly
Imperiling all to be drawn Nigh 
I’d rather be sightless, poised for Release
Risking finite prices to be at Peace 
Foolish and bias, pious and jestering
Letting souls not fester under this sequestering
May All be free under this Nature
A Meadow, canvassed by Maker
Suspend hubris; collapse into flow of Time 
And glimpse a Newness—an image of that is Divine.

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